the process

the process

We Build On Your Lot

There are many great reasons to build a new home verses buying an existing home. 

1.  You have the opportunity to save tens of thousands of dollars.  Typically, a pre-existing home, or even a new construction home, on the real estate market will cost you much more than purchasing your own land and building a custom home on it. 

So why don't more people do it?  Many believe that it costs more to build a custom home.  Many do not want to be involved in the construction process - they find it easier to buy something already built.  Or they simply do not qualify for a construction loan.  Should you choose to build with us, we will attempt to make the construction process as smooth as possible and in the end you will have custom home with all your favorite design elements and a lot extra net worth in your financial portfolio.

2.  The location of your home is your choice.   You find the perfect property that speaks to you and suits your family needs.   Then build your perfect home on it.  No more sacrificing one for the other.  We build your home on your land - the way you want it.  

When the time comes, Marc will meet you at your property and make a home site evaluation. At this time discussion will most likely entail how you would like your home to be positioned on the lot, what trees will need to be cleared, what utilities are available, etc.

Don't have land?

Many home owners contact us before they buy their property.  If you need help searching for land don't hesitate to contact us.  We have many professional relationships with the local real estate community that can help you find the perfect property for you.


3.  Make all the decisions from choosing the houseplan to picking the towel rods.  You pick the plan, you make the adjustments needed, you decide which upgrades you want to spend money on.  The home will be yours and a reflection of your style through and through.   



How does financing work?

Most of our home owners use a  one-time close construction loan.  This combines the cost of your land and the cost of your new custom home into one. And, if you own your land, you can use the equity towards the down payment and come with little to no money out of pocket. This in no way means that the lot must be paid off before you can build.  The lot and home can be combined into one mortgage.  During the construction period you pay interest only on the loan. Once the construction period is over - your loan converts into the permanent financing that you arranged with your lender.
Need a lender?
We have established many professional working relationships with local lenders.  Contact us for more information and we will be happy to help.

Can I build a home and still use my VA loan?
Yes, we have a specific loan program especially for this type of situation.  You can still use your VA loan and save tens of thousands of dollars by building your own home with us.  Contact us for more information.





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