2-10 10year Structural Warranty Program


With the average cost of one structural defect claim at $42,000, it makes sense to secure your financial future with the 10-Year Structural Warranty from 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty® (2-10 HBW). 

Providing the most comprehensive coverage available in the industry, our HUD-approved 10-year Structural Warranty provides:


  • 0 full years of insurance-backed structural warranty defect coverage on qualified load-bearing components starting on the day of closing 

  • The most widely recognized industry standard for defining a structural defect (the definition in the Code of Federal Regulations for the Department of Housing and Urban Development)

  • Adherence to strict NAHB guidelines with clearly defined standards

  • Reinsurance by the second largest reinsurer in the world, Swiss Re

  • Warranty administration through 2-10 HBW


Find out more about our structural warranties by contacting 2-10 HBW


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